Blackjack Rules: the Complete Guide of Online Game Version

Blackjack rules: learning them will help to increase winning chances!

The most famous is the classic version of blackjack. According to casino blackjack rules, the game uses up to six decks of 52 cards. At the table, there is a dealer distributing decks from the shoe, and up to 7 players. The goal of gamblers is to beat the casino(the croupier), gaining equal or close to 21 points. Web sites use a convenient interface and hints, so the gamblers can investigate the blackjack rules properly. Software providers develop mobile applications that allow playing from the smartphone and other portable gadgets.

Blackjack Rules for Online Gambling

To learn the rules of blackjack, participants must determine the face value of cards:

  • The so-called pictures (Jack, Queen, King) and a dozen will bring ten points;
  • An ace takes a value of one or 11 points (in combination with cards that give a sum of more than 21 points, it takes a value of one);
  • The value of other cards is equal to their grade (nine – nine points, eight – eight points, etc.);
  • The suits in the classic version of the game do not matter.

The combination of blackjack (an ace plus ten) is considered to be winning and more meaningful than other combinations, giving a result of 21 points. Here is the guide of two ways to win blackjack:

  • Score more points with the dealer, but not more than 21 according to blackjack rules;
  • Make the dealer score more than 21 points.

When the gambler scored up to 21 points inclusive, and the croupier went over, the client wins and vice versa. With the same number of points (without blackjack), a draw is, the players will get the bet back. While no one went over, the one with the maximum number of points will win. At the beginning of the game, the dealer offers to make bets, then distributes to the participants, puts one to himself. The procedure will repeat, and the gamblers have two cards, the croupier has one (in American blackjack two, one with the shirt up). Distribution is open. The players should never touch the hand. They can ask to add a card if, in this case, the total amount of points becomes more than 21, the participant loses, and the casino takes his bet. Cards with the same face value are split, that is, they form two separate hands. The dealer takes the cards until their sum reaches the value of 17 or more points. The hands table and payments for bets are as follows:

  • gambler scored more points than the dealer, so the rate is 1:1;
  • with blackjack the bet is 1.5:1;
  • an equal amount of points leads to a draw, so bets remain intact.

When iterating over all players, cards are collected and sent to the chipper. They play until the shoe is empty.

The Proven in Practice Blackjack Tips

As in a real casino, the first thing customers need to find a suitable gaming table to play. They should think about what evokes the most vivid feelings in the game:

  • Perhaps this is the dealer himself, who is constantly in a good mood and communicates with players, for example, like at the Blackjack Party;
  • The limits that are suitable for participants;
  • Maybe they like to play private so, that no one bothers, there are VIP tables for this.

Betting in blackjack online with live dealers is much easier than at a land-based casino. Here, players have more time to think about solutions. Depending on the type of game, they will have from 15 to 60 seconds to make a bet. According to the blackjack rules, when the betting time begins, a corresponding notification appears on the screen, as well as a dealer message. In all situations except search, after the dealer opened the second card and, if necessary, got the missing cards, players can determine whether the hand won or not.

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